A social network for humans.

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Libre & Gratis

Free software, free users

Anyone can use and improve upon Lectrn with no monetary cost and little restriction. Anyone can host a Lectrn instance, and anyone can look at Lectrn source code. We believe that the best product pleases only its users, not advertisers or governments.


Own yourself

Lectrn is a decentralized social network, meaning that the network is made up of many servers operated mostly by individuals. Lectrn doesn't have any ads or tracking, and we don't try to personalize content with algorithms. What you get is simple, and it also respects your privacy.


No unnecessary innovations

Lectrn is based on ActivityPub, a standard that many other decentralized social networks already use. There are already numerous apps and software that support ActivityPub: and they can support Lectrn with little to no work.